Monday, August 3, 2009

plan b part trois

wia progress update:
as part of applying for the wia program, i have to take a 3 hour test that is called the workkeys test. the workkeys test consists of applied math, reading for information, along with some other basic math problems. i had a practice test today that i did very well on, yay me! guess all of that prepping for the gmat came in handy after all ;) i take the actual test on thursday morning. i gotta say, i'm not the least bit anxious about it!

also part of the wia application involves some interviewing. i have to interview two different massage therapy schools, a potential employer, and another massage therapist. i have done interviews with morgantown beauty college (where i will ultimately be going) and another school in a close by town. for the potential employer i interviewed elizabeth, owner of bliss bliss bliss. she gave me some amazing advice above and beyond what the wia application wanted me to ask. i plan on speaking to one of the lovely massage therapist that works at bliss bliss bliss for my final interview.

the only parts i have left to complete are the last interview, a statement of purpose and the workkeys test. then it's up to the workforce investment board (wib) to determine whether i will be awarded the grant money or not. the whole process takes about a month. that is why i'm trying to get it done as soon as i possibly can considering my classes start at the end of september.
plan b part trois:
the next step in my "plan b" after massage therapy is to become a yoga teacher. i'm sure a lot of you already knew this :) i thought that massage therapy and yoga dovetail perfectly together. i plan on doing a summer intensive next summer to get my 200 hour certification at 3rd street yoga out of pittsburgh, pa. i would love, love, love to get my 500 hour certification from tranquil space in dc.

more about plan b later.

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Caitlin said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!
Yoga teacher training is something I plan to do after graduating from Pitt in April. I followed the link for 3rd street yoga (which I had previously never heard of, and I MUST find out more) and found out the instructor teaches at schoolhouse yoga which is...drumroll my neighborhood!

Kirsten said...

Cool! I thought you would want to be a yoga instructor!

How amazing to be doing things you love!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like it is all working out very well! Yay!

How long do you think the 200 hour (in days, not hours ;) ) intensive will take to complete? I dabbled into looking into programs.

Carolyn said...

WOOT! I KNEW you were going to say yoga teacher. YAY!!!!!!

Jessica said...

How exciting!
Everything happens for a reason, and it's SO great to see you stepping toward the life you are meant to shine in.
I can't wait to hear more about your progress! You sound super motivated, I know you will accomplish all of your goal- and then some!!! :)

kimberly wilson said...

SO excited for you, darling! xoxo

Globetrotting Cacti said...

I thought being a yoga teacher would come into it some-where! So excited to read about your plans...

rd said...

WorkKeys tests aren't too should do well. Just skip any you don't know right away and come back to them later to save time. In locating information, pay close attention to the questions and figure out what part of the charts or graphs you can ignore. Good luck.

City Girl said...

So so happy for you :)