Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the johnston house

here are more pics of the johnston house in mars, pa. not only can you get a kick ass tea service there but they have lots and lots of adorable eye candy for sale. i just wish i had some more money.


Naturally Jules said...

That looks like a very dangerous place to be at ~ wallet beware! It's absolutely beautiful!

Jessica said...

That place looks beautiful!!!
How far is that from Morgantown?

Do you like Zen Clay?
Also, are you going to the Farmers Market this Saturday? Michael is here, and we were thinking about checking it out.
I am taking him back Sat night, and coming back Sun night.
We should try to meet up sometime soon!!!

Hope Plan B is going along well :)

Kirsten said...

So pretty!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

What a gorgeous place - so much to look at and take it.

Don't we always wish that we had more money?!

Glad that you enjoyed the experience there...

City Girl said...

Great pictures. I am so glad you enjoyed your time there :)

Jo said...

you can go broke in there easily

Karley said...

How wonderful. I'd love to go there some day!