Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hook for my skin brush

our skin is our largest organ but we seem to pay the least attention to it. studies have shown that our skin is responsible for eliminating 10-15% of toxins. (it's sometimes referred to as our third kidney). so how do you take care of your skin? besides using the best creams, lotions & potions we need to dry brush our skin before we shower.

naturally jules wrote about this here back in february. she listed several reasons of why we should use a dry skin brush so i'm not going to repeat them. i had trouble remembering to use my skin brush before getting into the shower. so i was on the lookout for a pretty hook so i could put it right beside the shower - that way it was visible and i would remember. i found my pretty little hook at pier 1 for the low, low price of $2. now that i can afford!

i have noticed that my skin feels much softer since i started using my skin brush. do you guys use a dry skin brush? if so, what differences have you noticed in your skin since you've been using it?


Carolyn said...

I have TWO brushes, and still I don't use them!! My local spa does dry brush treatments as part of their packages, and I love how it makes my skin feel. I'm totally going to put mine on a hook by the bathtub. Merci, darling!

C'Anna said...

Having battled (and won) non-hodgkin lymphoma five years ago, I was introduced to skin brushing. I used to maintain a somewhat regular habit, however I have falled out of practice with it. This posts reminded me of the benefits and I'm going to go buy a skin brush today! I know that it helped me a great deal with lymphatic circulation, which regardless of health is positive for everyone. Thanks Melita for sparking my interest!

Karley said...

I've dry brushed my skin for several years now and can truly see and feel the benefits.

I do it in the morning before getting into the shower. I feel it "revving up" my circulation and I believe wholeheartedly that it releases toxins when combined with ample hydration.

Dry brushing helped me avoid dimpling after having two kids 21 months apart and just gives a very healthy appearance. It also sloughs off the dead skin cells.

By the way, I love the hook for your brush!

Jo said...

can't beat 2 dollars anywhere
pier 1 has some nice stuff

I use some regular lotion to avoid skin
put it on everyday

Naturally Jules said...

I LOVE the hook - wow! I still struggle with skinbrushing before showering, I may just have to go get that purty thing and hang my brush on it! Thanks for the link!

Caitlin said...

What if you use your dry skin brush in the shower (and therefore, wet)? I never remember until after I'm already in the shower. Since getting back from the OBX I'm looking for something to get rid of the bumps that have taken residence on my upper arm thanks to copious amounts of sunscreen.

Melita said...

thank you all for your lovely comments!

carolyn - that is awesome that the local spa provides that as part of their package.

c'anna - wow! congrats on kicking non-hodgkin lymphoma's ass! massages also help with lymphatic circulation as well :)

karley - skin brushing is so simple but yet has profound benefits that we can visible see!

jo - yes, 2 bucks was awesome for my cute hook!

naturally jules - you definitely need to get thyself a hook ;)

caitlin - i'm sure it's better pre-shower because of it's exfoliating purposes but i guess skin brushing wet is better than no skin brushing at all :) hope your bumps go away soon.

Sarah said...

*sigh* I have one hanging in my shower (where it can't get wet) and I still don't use it much! I guess I'm lazy like that.

I do love your hook! It is very attractive and spa-like!

Connie said...

I have dry skin brushed forever...I love it! The first time I experienced it was when my Grandfather died. A friend of mine, who is a massage therapist, gave me an incredible heartfelt 3 hour massage/body treatment as a gift to ease my pain of losing my grandfather. Dry brushing was part of it. I think it is more healing then one might think.

Peace & Love.

Anonymous said...

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