Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tea trade update

hello all my tea loving friends! i wanted to give you an update on the tea trade, but first i wanted to thank city girl and karley from chic & green for mentioning the tea trade on their blogs. i appreciate these ladies very much for spreading the word about the tea trade. if anyone else would like to mention the tea trade on their blog, by all means please feel free (and let me know so i can give you a proper thank you).

now for the update: i originally set the date to get your info to me for august 30th. i am going to extend that date since the word is being spread out further than i ever imagined :) i am extending the date to september 15th. please be sure to send an email to melitamollohan@gmail.com with "tea trade" in the subject line and your address in the body of the email to join in all of the tea trading fun!!

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Anonymous said...

melita~ i am so excited for the tea trade. i have already started collecting several teas to send out. i would like to do a post on my blog about your tea trade tomorrow. is that ok?

Melita said...

kate - yay! i'm super excited. yes, please, spread the word. the more the merrier :)

City Girl said...

so fun, i can't wait!

kaileenelise said...

melita - i am really looking forward to the tea trade! it's been my excuse for buying new teas lately, hehehe.