Monday, October 19, 2009

monday moment of zen

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"peace comes from within. do not seek it without." ~buddha


Lisa said...

That made me breathe a little easier. Thank you.

TweetNica said...

I'm liking these Monday Moments of Zen :)

Lavanya said...

great quote! Love the pic.

BENALI said...

I found your blog on a directory..Mondays post was exactly what I needed.

UnoCosa said...

soooo beautiful! xx

Connie said...

Hey Melita!!

I am sitting here really going through your blog as a little research and inspiration before I begin your painting...and I have to say....your blog is really, really beautiful. You are beautiful. I wish we lived near-by because I would love for us to hang out--make dinners and chat for hours!!

Oh...maybe one day you can be the in-house massage therapist at Dirty Footprints Studio in Costa Rica!!!

How does that sound!?!?!?

(the word verification is BLESS!!!)