Friday, October 30, 2009


i've been fortunate to have tons of treats in my life recently. i feel as though the last month has been one giant treat.

here's a sneak peak at some of my most recent treats:

~ the indian summer we've been having

~ a birthday jubilee teavana present

~ teaching yoga to people who have never taken a yoga class before and seeing their faces light up with delight and hearing them say how much better they feel afterwords

~ cherishing solo time this weekend while ryan is in philadelphia

~ connecting with tons of fabulous readers - you all make my day - everyday!!

~ halloween - my favorite holiday

~ my first day of massaging clients tomorrow - i'm SO excited!!

check out what other treats by visiting jamie ridler's the next chapter.

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becky n said...

Melita, so glad you've had such a great week. Doing body work is really a special gift; it's great that you are so tuned in to those who entrust themselves to your care.

Thanks for sharing your journey!

Lavanya said...

Fun list! I wish I lived closer so I could book with you for a massage..

Happy Halloween!

Helen said...

May the treats go on and on! Wishing you all the best on your continued journey of joy.

kaileenelise said...

Melita, it has been a real treat to follow you on this journey! Congrats on all you've accomplished. I can't wait to hear about your yoga-teaching and massage-giving weekend. xo, kaileenelise

Jessica said...

Glad you are enjoying life :)
Happy halloween babe!

Micaela said...

Hi Melita,

(love your name). I hope I am not ruining a surprise... but you're my autumn swap partner! :) and I wasn't going to tell you... but i thought i would so i could tell you that i'm sending it off monday (which is a day late, i apologise!) so you wouldn't worry that it was a little late. I hope you like what i loved putting together for you.

btw- i would so love to take a yoga class from you... i would be one of those newbies who was delighted afterwards.

stop by and say hi if you'd like. :) i'd like that.

happy halloween!!!! xo

Bela said...

hi there! i'm writing from fairmont =) i'll write you an email later, i'm starving and have to find something to eat =)

Ally said...

Hope you had a happy halloween!! I so wish I lived near you so I could become a client! :o) I'm glad you had a fabulous month -- here's to November being even better, if that's possible! ;)

UnoCosa said...

happy happy halloween - it is indeed important to remember all those wonderful treats we received in our life, thanks for sharing, xx

Lisa @sacred circle said...

What a wonderful list! Don't you love it when just about everything feels like a treat? Onto play!

Ellecubed said...

Thank you for sharing your week with treats, Melita. I absolutely love the list of treats you have been indulging in. It is so nice to see you living and embracing such a beautiful life.

Carolyn said...

yayy for delicious treats!!

Sankofa Doll Artistry said...

Great treats! Thanks for sharing. I love yoga too even though I have not practiced in a while. Bummer!