Saturday, November 28, 2009


the last week of the joy diet is upon us and it couldn't have been better timing for the chapter on feasting as we all still probably have tons of thanksgiving leftovers.

while feasting isn't necessarily all about eating food - let me tell you about my thanksgiving...

ryan and i always split our holidays up between our parents. this year we went to his families house's for thanksgiving and will go to my parents for christmas. we took our dear brazilian friend bela with us this time so that she could experience her first american thanksgiving. we first stopped at ryan's mother's house and ate thanksgiving lunch there. next onto ryan's dad's house and had a late lunch/early thanksgiving dinner. finally onto ryan's best friend families house for a peruvian thanksgiving dinner. we all had a fabulous time at each dinner. bela had a great time. i was so grateful that she was able to share in her first thanksgiving holiday with us.

here's to feasting!!

check out jamie ridler's the next chapter for other musings on feasting.

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Carolyn said...

What a lovely day of feasting! I too am glad that Bela was able to enjoy her first American Thanksgiving with you and Ryan! Cheers to the Holidays!! xoxo

Bela said...

that was my best thanksgiving EVER! =) haha, but it's true. thank you again for inviting me!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
I'm getting hungry just thinking about it :)

Lawendula said...

Thanks for your nice comment! Have a great time! :)

Jean said...

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday! It is so good to know how many blessings you have in life, isn't it?

Happy Feasting!