Tuesday, November 10, 2009

swapping delights

sofia, one of my darling tea traders hosted her 2nd annual autumn swap this year. well of course i participated! what joy to send a darling little package of autumn comforts to someone and to receive a lovely package from another. i gathered up some teas, coffee, a book about new york, and some other trinkets and sent them on their merry way to spain to ibb.

i received the most fabulous package from the marvelous micaela. what i got in my autumn swap package couldn't have been more perfect. i am amazed at what a fabulous job she did picking out things to send to me. let me share with you my most perfect autumn swap package...

not one, but two packages
have you ever seen a more beautifully wrapped package?!
in the big package
the autumn swap package in all of it's glory
it honestly, couldn't have been more perfect! i love every single thing in the package. thank you so much micaela. you made my heart sing!! many, many thanks my darling!!


AnalieseMarie said...

What a wonderful package of goodies! I love that Emergency Chocolate...hehe.

Micaela said...

aww Melita you are SO sweet! thank-you for your kind words. I really enjoyed putting everything together for you.

More than anything, I'm glad we've stayed friends.

you are kind and have such a positive sweet outlook on life, it's empowering to read your inspirational messages.

many many thanks for being my autumn swap.

xoxo micaela

ps. i have an email coming your way soon...

Carolyn said...

What a lovely treat and via happy mail :-) Enjoy Lovely Lady

LOCK-SMIF said...

Emergency Chocolate... i love it!

i like your blog. Im following you. I want Quality people to follow me. Follow me too.