Thursday, November 12, 2009

thankful thursday

i recently had a conversation with my aunt about how things have been going for me recently. i don't get to talk to her that often so we did a lot of catching up. i love my aunt. she's always been very open-minded and unique in her own way. our talk touched on the usuals, what i've been up to recently, how's school going, when do you graduate, how does ryan like it, where do you plan on getting a job when you are finished and what exactly is yoga?! (lol) the part that struck me the most is that i told my aunt that while i am the poorest i've ever been in my whole life i am the happiest.

money does not create happiness (while it certainly helps to make things tons easier it's not always necessary). i know in time i will start regaining my financial freedom like i once had. money comes, money goes but happiness, that is one you want to hold on to for certain.

after our phone conversation, i thought in depth about what i had said. i am really, genuinely happy - deep into my core. i hope that some of my happiness seeps into this blog post and touches each and everyone of you that reads it and that you feel it too. trust me, i have enough of it to go around. hugs!!

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Jessica said...

I'm so glad you are happy.
AND it DOES show through :)

michele said...

Great post, Melita! Your happiness definitely does show through and I'm happy that you're so happy! : )


Mindy said...

Yay Melita! I am so happy for you! I totally resonated with this post. I am in a similar situation where I am living my dreams but don't have too much coming in financially. I know that it is temporary. If we keep following our hearts, the money will come :-)

Karley said...


You hit the nail on the head.
When I closed my business, the main question I was asked over and over related to giving up the $$$.

Yes, I was doing quite well, however, it was costing me so much personally.

We are down an income now--although the plan was always for me to be a stay at home mom anyway, so we have been prepared--but the impact it has made on my life (and my family's) outweighs the money.

I am happy again for the first time in many years!

GOOD FOR YOU. You realize a very important lesson. There is much more in life than money.

kaileenelise said...

your happiness is shining through all that you do in this blogosphere :) it is so nice to see you shine. oh, and i love this quote! ♥ kaileenelise

Ally said...

Thanks for this... I really needed it this week. :o)

I heard something that really stuck with me last week: "Happiness is a choice." I don't know if I agree with it 100% (my brain chemistry is an enigma), but I do believe that while we may not have everything our little hearts desire, it is possible to be happy if we choose to look beyond it. Thank you for reinforcing this belief for me. Anyway, just thought I'd share since I've been thinking about it a lot this week... still trying to get it out on paper (or my computer).

Love the Thoreau quote, thanks again. :o)

Olivia said...

Yes, it is SO temporary. Your happiness shows through not just in this post but in every post. I am excited to be watching your journey! Love, O

Naturally Jules said...

Melita, it is soooo evident that you are on the right path, and that you are happy to the core! I am so happy for you!

Carolyn said...

so sweet - love this!!

Micaela said...

oh Melita, i LOVE love love this post. your honesty and optimism is so touching. And yes, your happiness is brightly shone.


Bela said...

the quote is totally awesome and your happiness does show. i'm glad i'm witnessing that!
thank you for the evening!

Carolyn said...

You hit the nail on the head. Well said Melita. I for one look forward to your posts because they are so inspiring. xoxo

The Cooking Accountant said...

I was reading your post on Friday night on my way home from work after a very long week, but I couldn't help but smile. Your happiness permeates through the screen and is contagious! I am so happy for you! :-)