Monday, November 16, 2009

monday moment of zen

"if there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having."
~ henry miller

now more than ever humans are attached to "stuff." i'm sure you are already starting to make christmas lists in your head. 'what am i going to buy aunt millie, what about cousin theo," and on and on.

why does everything have to revolve around our material things?! i too am guilty of this as we all are.

do any of these sound familiar:
- "what do you mean you put a dent in my car!?!"
- "i can't believe you took my scarf without asking!!"
- "i just have to have that new shirt (although i have one exactly like it at home)."
- "i need that (insert any material item here)!!"
- "get out of my chair!"

on some deep level we are attached to our belongings, no matter how big or small. in buddhism, the second noble truth is "the origin of suffering is attachment." this is not saying that you have to give up everything but simple give up the the attachment. we don't need these material items, we want them.

this week think of one thing that you are attached to that you can give up. you don't necessarily have to actually give it away (but if you can kudos for you!) but just give up the thought of being attached to that item. after all, it is simply a material item and it can be replaced.


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AnalieseMarie said...

I was just starting to stress about what I'm going to get everyone for the holidays. Thank you for putting it into perspective. Insightful and wise, as always.

Sarah said...

Many come to mind, but actually the first thing I thought of wasn't necessarily a material item. It was stress! I need to give up stress.

Bela said...

you're so right.
right now i have so little stuff, and i could definetely live with it, but instead i'm just buying more stuff.
but now i have a nice lamp and my room has some light =)

Carolyn said...

such a good point... i try to remember this (although it's so hard!) every day when i'm tempted to purchase something.

Belen said...

it's so true. actually, i just got back from shopping, and honestly, i'm thinking of returning it tomorrow. does that count?

by the way, i was linked to your blog through micaela, and she mentioned you love tea. i happened to stumble upon this a while ago and i thought you'd like to see it!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Such a great point. I am trying to watch my budget right now and build up some savings so am questionning of I need the "object" every-time that I buy some-thing. Thanks for the reminder.

Vienna said...

Good reminder. Thanks!

Melita said...

anonymous left a comment on my blog that i accidentally clicked reject when i meant to click publish, i apologize. this was the comment:

Let us also remember that it need not be a material thing that we grow attached to. Both our habits and our plans are amongst the greatest attachments that we as human beings can have, and it is important to remember this as the holidays approach us. If your plans have to change in some way, or if you can't have the holiday the same way it's been for years, you can still enjoy it in the way it turns out, rather than allowing attachment to failed plans to ruin a wonderful holiday!