Saturday, November 14, 2009


i read somewhere recently that laughter provides a massage for our organs. i truly believe this. if you think about it laughter is really a cure-all. no matter what is ailing you, once you start laughing you feel immensely better. you choose your happiness so when you are feeling bad, watch a comedy, read comic strips, have a conversation with an upbeat, jokey friend and see if you don't feel better.

ryan and i watch funny movies and tv shows to get in some laughs. we play with our pets - that is always good for lots of laughs. we also check out lolcats to get in daily laughs. we are both jokey people and hang around jokey friends. i have always been a very upbeat and funny person. anything for a laugh. i know for sure that my lpd (laughs per day) is way beyond 30. see how other lovely ladies get in their daily laughs by visiting jamie ridler's the next chapter. what do you do to get in your giggles?

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Lisa said...

Lovely - and so needed! I am quite guilty of not necessarily getting in my laughs (ah - something to work on!)...but am finding a simple smile goes a long way.

In my recent training (running, swimming, biking), I've found that just by lifting the corners of my mouth towards my eyes, I find a little bit more energy from deep within that I didn't know I had.

Here's to the next giggle!!

Pink Heels said...

I agree. Laughter is an essential element to our well-being. If only more people would practice the art of laughter.

AnalieseMarie said...

I've never thought of laughing as a massage for the internal organs, but it definitely makes sense. It just feels so good!

I get my laughs by calling a friend and reminiscing about funny stories, watching funny shows (like The Office), and generally trying to see the funny side of various situations.

Keep laughing girly! xo

Lawendula said...

Playing with pets, yes, we always have to laugh about the funny faces our dog makes.
If he does not know, what to think of a situation, he always falls down, rolls on his back and makes such a great "Am I not a nice dog?"-Face that we all must laugh.

Bela said...

good morning, sweety! have a good week!

kaileenelise said...

I agree that a good belly laugh does wonders for our internal organs, as well as our spirit. That picture is adorable. Thank you for sharing. ♥kaileenelise

becky n said...

That pictue of the Mona Lisa made me laugh.

You're absolutely right about a good laugh massaging your organs, and also loosening up your muscles, as well as your mind! It has so benefits! It's great that you've recognized this and find things to do that support your laughter.

I suspect that your fellow students are glad to have someone like you around, especially when things get stressful. Hope all is going well with your classes.