Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the great morel hunters

last sunday, ryan and i took a trip to preston county, wv to meet our friend steve for some morel hunting fun. these mushrooms are technically called morchella but the locals call them morels. these little fungi may not be very attractive but they certainly are tasty! unfortunately, it was too hot and dry and we didn't find any. we still had a great time hiking around in nature.

we looked for our morels on a friend of steve's property. when we got there two dogs eagerly greeted us strangers. one of them decided to take the morel hunting challenge with us and took to the woods by our sides. he was our rent a dog. he was very cute and very happy to show us around his neck of the woods.

here are some of the photos i took of our journey:

photos by moi


Pink Heels said...

I remember going "morel hunting" every year with my grandparents. As European immigrants, they brought their love of roaming through the forrest for delicate mushrooms with them to the States. Your pictures reminded me of many fond memories. I probably haven't gone mushroom hunting since I was 12 years old.

Naturally Jules said...

How cute to come upon a cow! Who'd have thought! Sounds like a fun weekend Morels or no Morels.