Thursday, April 23, 2009

salty oatmeal cookies & much gratitude

i wanted to give a HUGE shout out to jennifer over at pink heels. her latest post is all about teaism's salty oatmeal cookies (and the recipe!!) so, get yourself to her blog and check it out!!!

i first heard about teaism from fellow blogger city girl's post here. being a tea girl (who does like coffee from time to time) i knew i had to check this out. i fell in love when i was in dc during the cherry blossom festival. the next time i go back to dc, teaism is definitely on my to do list.

thank you again jennifer & city girl for introducing me & sharing teaism and their beloved salty oatmeal cookies!! you girls rock!!

1 comment:

Pink Heels said...

Anytime! It is important for us to have access to our weaknesses in life...salty oatmeal cookies!