Saturday, April 18, 2009

run fatgirl run

well, i finished my first ever 5k today. i walked most of it (as you can tell by my time across the finish line). sure, i would have loved to have done better, but i am ok with my time considering i haven't been running at all recently and haven't been for several weeks now. when i passed by ryan (who was playing photographer this time) i told him i felt like that movie run fatboy run, except it was run fatgirl run in my case :) it's a pretty good movie if you haven't seen it.

there were several kiosks set up for the earth day 5k celebration that i got to peruse around before the race began. one of the kiosks was friends of the four-legged. there were some cute kitties up for adoption. but what surprised me was after i crossed the finish line, there was an owl there waiting for me. i know, you weren't expecting that, were you? rusty, the screech owl, was hit by a car and unfortunately lost an eye. but he was rescued and doctored up and taken in. let me tell you, he was SO cute. check him out, isn't he adorable?!

after the 5k, we headed into downtown for the chocolate lovers day. ah, instant gratification for completing the race. we walked around to the downtown morgantown businesses that were participating in the festivities until we got sick of eating chocolate.

later we came home and i enjoyed a nap. getting ready to head out and go to 123 pleasant st to watch some local bands preform radiohead's ok computer and pavement's slanted & enchanted.

photos by ryan


Katie said...

Congrats on finishing your first 5k!! The owl is really cute too! At this point in my world...I would have only cheered you on and helped you enjoy the chocolate! baby loves me to eat the sweets!

Emily said...

Sounds like a truly fabulous day, Melita! Way to go. I'm proud of you; wish I could've been there cheering you on, girlfriend. :)

City Girl said...

Congratulations - I am so impressed with how well you are handling all the bumps in the road lately and still sticking to your plans - you are truly an inspiration.

Naturally Jules said...

Wow, Congratulations! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! And the owl is really cute.

Thanks for your encouraging words...we are keeping our chins up and looking for that open door!