Monday, April 20, 2009

meet the family

well, it's time i introduce the family. you've seen pictures of me and ryan before (and some of the fur babies) but this is ALL of the fur babies! together, ryan and i have 5 fur babies. i came into the relationship with 3 (2 cats and 1 dog) and he came into it with 2 (1 cat and 1 dog). luckily they all get along (most of the time). so, without further ado, let me introduce you to the family....

dooty is the love of my life! he is my 10 year old boy. he has been with me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively) . i don't know what i'd do without him!!

dooty listening to some fabulous tunes!

dooty helping me with my christmas cards last year

sanjay is my other baby boy. he is 3 years old. he is the player of the family. he plays fetch with these little pompoms we have, jumps 3/4 of the door frame, and sounds like a horse when he gallops through the house. no wonder he is so skinny!!

sanjay peeking through my spring bulbs while taking a break from eating

sanjay trying to take a nap but can't because his paparazzi (aka me) won't leave him alone

rawkus (ryan's spelling of ruckus) and clearly named that for a reason. this boy may look cute (which he is) but he is mean!! i mean MEAN, no kidding. we love him despite his assholish ways. rawkus is somewhere around 8 years old. ryan isn't for sure since rawkus was a stray when he saved him from the cruel outside world.

rawkus taking a nap with his (technically the dog's) piggy

rawkus lounging in a box (in a messy living room)

cadyn is my 9 year old miniature pincher/rat terrier. her breed is technically a "min pin rat." i got cadyn when she was able to fit in my hand she was so small. my ex-husband picked her out. after we separated i kept her because there was no way i would ever separate her and dooty. they are best buddies!

cadyn always tilts her head if you say "do you wanna"

cadyn doing one of her favorite things - hiking

lastly, we have sadeye (ryan's spelling for sadie) but pretty fitting since she's a 3/4 basset 1/4 beagle. she does have a little bit of sad eyes due to the saggy-ness of the basset. sadie (as i spell it) is 6 years old. she's quite the stubborn-headed girl most of the time but we love her anyways.

this is the best picture of sadie (and one of the last of her on the couch due to her stinky-ness - you know what they say about hounds)

sadie with her christmas bow


Carolyn said...

awwwwww tooo cute!!!!!! i love furry friends :-)

erin said...

holy moly! what a crew! ...thanks for the comment on my post about office space...wishing you lots of luck in studying and heading back to school!

Naturally Jules said...

What a beautiful family! Amazing that they all manage to get along! Thanks for sharing!

theanalyst said...

Cute kids!!!!