Sunday, April 12, 2009

my rather sucky week in review

hello all. sorry i haven't been keeping up with my posts regularly. i had a pretty tough week. here is how it goes from last weekend to now:

went to dc last weekend, had a fantastic time (will post about this soon) except for my boyfriend being so sick sunday he wasn't able to leave the hotel.

sunday night after we got home on sunday, my belly started cramping and i knew what was coming, the same think my boyfriend had, nasty stomach virus.

spend sunday night/monday morning in the bathroom and laying in the bathroom floor and hall in horrible pain.

spent monday, tuesday, and wednesday in bed (and bathroom still, ugh).

thursday - finally made it to work, was told i was laid off, effectively immediately!!

thursday night/friday morning - didn't sleep much due to too many thoughts running through my head about being laid off.

friday - trying to keep my spirits up, worked around the house and garden, getting ready for spring. also helped meredith, an older lady i help at least once a month with her bills, check book, etc.

saturday - was able to sleep in a little longer than friday morning. did more gardening, planted pansies and violas around our strawberry patch and planted some seeds.

today - catching up on reading blogs, hopefully doing a little blogging of my own, and who knows, probably some more gardening as i didn't get all of my pansies planted yesterday.


Carolyn said...

Your poor dear :-( You have had a ROUGH week. But i'm SO impressed as how well you've taken everything in stride. It's a really, really tough time, but things WILL get better. And i think you have a great attitude towards it!!


City Girl said...

I am sorry you had such a sucky week but go you for surviving this week and also doing such positive things like helping out your friend Meredith and gardening.

Random question -how did you decide to name your blog and what is a tuttle? I know gussying up means making fancier (right? now I am insecure that I am remembering that wrong) but would love the story behind the blog name.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting - it means a lot to me you enjoy reading it :) :)

Emily said...

Icky week. Sorry, beautiful! Thanks for sharing about what's going on. I'm cheering for you and thinking of you and praying for you, Ms. Melita. A new chapter is about to open.

theanalyst said...

Sorry to hear about the bad news, but I am glad to see you are managing to keep your spirits up.