Friday, May 1, 2009

bonjour may

well, it is official, it is may. last night before going to bed, i worked on a goals list for may. we all know that if we write our goals down that we have a better chance of doing them and we also know that if we share our goals that our chances of completing them are even higher. so, friends and fellow bloggers, i share with you my goals for may:

just in case you can't quite make these out:

  • finish my statement of purpose
  • study for the gmat (mon-fri at least 2-3 hrs per day)
  • break out the scooter & RIDE!!
  • be a better blogger - post more frequently and leave more comments for my fellow bloggers - LOVE you guys!!
  • exercise everyday (in some way, shape or form)
  • start a running program (again!!)
  • go to the farmers market EVERY saturday
  • spend some time w/ my family
  • have a sewing rendevouz w/ my mom
  • spend as little money as possible (shooting for necessities only)
  • garden

do you guys have any specific goals for may? any feedback on my goals?? i'd LOVE it if you shared them with me. you guys are the best!!


Revisionista said...

love the sewing rendezvous & farmers market goals!

looks like you have a lovely month ahead of you!

theanalyst said...

I love your list. I need to formulate a list for myself of my plans for the upcoming months.

Pink Heels said...

FABULOUS GOALS!!! I remember studying for the GMAT. Thank goodness I didn't have to take another standardized test to begin my PhD. I might have screamed! : )

Carolyn said...

MELITA! OK i MIGHT be able to swing the summer solstice thing in June. Are you def. going??

The Cooking Accountant said...

I love your goals! I created a mental list which includes passing another part of the CPA Exam, getting back into yoga and pilates and trying atleast one new recipe a week. I have to write them down. That's the only way they will get done!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Loving your list - your-self and Carolyn have made me think about my aims for May too. Good to have realistic goals. Desperate to get moving/running/exercise once I have the all clear from the Dr. Going to write my own list now and stick it on my noticeboard as a daily reminder....