Friday, May 29, 2009

family visits

when i was visiting my parents two weeks ago, we stopped over and visited my grandpa. he is in a nursing home.

my grandpa is the only grandparent i have still alive. unfortunately he has alzheimer's disease. when my mom asked if he knew who i was he said no. it's so very sad. it brought me to tears seeing him this way.

he has a huge smile on his face in the picture because my parents just brought him that new chair you see him in. he absolutely loved it!!

my mom is such an amazing lady. she is the most caring individual i know! she makes lap quilts for all of the new residents of the nursing home. she also makes birthday presents for anyone in the nursing home who is having a birthday. she has been doing this for years!! i don't know what i'll ever do without my momma!!

photo by moi


Serafina said...

You have a cute Grandpa!
Watching your loved ones grow older is hard, but it is a part of life! There are things to be learned from the experience, even through tears. Enjoy your Momma and Grandpa while you have them. :)

Ally -- Onyx and Alabaster said...

I'm sorry your grandpa is sick. My grandfather also has alzheimer's and doesn't know who I am, or who my mother is, for that matter. It's such a terrible disease. Your mom sounds super sweet! :o)

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Alzheimers is such a horrible disease. I am sorry to hear that your family are having to deal with it. Wow - your Mum sounds special (and busy)....

Melita said...

thank you all for your kind words.