Monday, May 4, 2009

happy monday

while it is a cold and rainy day here on this monday. i can always find some sunshine, whether it is literally or figuratively. today's monday sunshine is from the metropolitan diary of the ny times. this story is especially close to my heart because every time i visit nyc i always stop in zabars. it's one of my must dos while i'm in the big apple.

"Dear Diary:

I was in Zabar’s recently on my way home to Vermont. I always ask them to double-wrap our smoked fish, since it is a four-hour ride home.

Next to me was a woman who asked with great concern, “Does the lox travel well?”

One of the old-time counter men said: “It depends, lady. How far are you traveling?”

“Brooklyn,” was her reply.

The slicers politely grinned and assured her that her lox would be fine. Paul Bilsky"

have a great monday everyone, sunshine or not.

photo credit chester higgins jr/the new york times


City Girl said...

That's a great met diary - I love both Zabars and Eli's (its UES version), but I never went enough since trips there do hurt the pocketbook. Now that I no longer live in NYC, I miss knowing they are there, you know?

Andi said...

I have never tried Zabar's and need to check it out on my next trip! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it led me to yours - gorgeous photos!

Pink Heels said...

I am so fortunate to have a local place that is even better than Zabar's...yes, I know. It is hard to believe but it is true. However, the prices are the same.

City Girl said...

Oh I get it - Pink Heels has a store like that in Michigan. Le sigh - I need one in DC.