Saturday, May 23, 2009

sewing rendezvous

one of the things on my may goals list was to have a sewing rendezvous with my momma. my mom is very talented when it comes to sewing. me, i do alright when guided, but it's not exactly my thing.

i took a pair of tranquilit perfect pants to make into capris for the summer. seeing as that i have two pairs of these pants i could do with one pair being shorter especially on these hot summer days . i let my momma take care of doing the work on these as i didn't want to mess them up.

with the guidance of my mom, i made a pet bed for our little petting zoo. we made it with a removable cover so that it can be easily washed. my "first born" brak was there to try it out when we got it finished. he loved it. i told my mom that she was going to have to make him one because he loved it so much.

brak's close up
brak enjoying the bed
cadyn and my mom & dad's dog popcorn were taking their turn on the bed too

as you can see, the pet bed was a big hit all around. since i brought it home at least one of the pets (both cats & dogs) are on it at all times. that makes me feel great since i worked pretty hard on it :)


Serafina said...

Cute fabric choice. Your pets are pampered!

Kirsten said...

I bought fabric to make Dodger a dog bed, but I have no idea how to sew! My sister was supposed to teach me last summer, but she's 18 and had no time :-) I think the beach and the boys were more now I have this SUPER cute fabric and no dog bed! Hopefully, this summer I can convince her to teach me so he will have one!