Tuesday, May 26, 2009

exciting finds

of course i did a little shopping while i was in charleston, wv visiting my bff mandy. we went to a little shop called cornucopia. as soon as i walked in the door i saw their display of kelly rae roberts prints. i squealed with glee. one of the workers at the store asked me if knew about kelly rae. i told him that i had been following her blog for some time now. she is extremely talented and i love her work. and i am happy to tell you that i now own a small piece of her work. let me tell you, i had a hard time choosing from the prints that they had too. but i finally decided on this one:

while perusing around cornucopia i saw a rescue girl button that i HAD to have. mandy bought me a present while we were in there too. ironically she got me a rescue girl magnet! she picked it out before i saw the button. what can i say, my girl knows me!! she knew i would love it because she knows how much i love yoga. i went to yoga every day while i was there :)

if you haven't seen amy luwis' rescue girl book then i suggest you add it to your list. it is very helpful and adorable!!

photos by moi


Lauren said...

I *love* Kelly Rae! I bought a print of hers a bit ago and I've been eyeing another one (though they are really similar) ever since! I found cards of hers in FL and was over the moon about it.

I've never seen Rescue Girl but that stuff is so cute. I want that pin!!!

AnalieseMarie said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have actually seen yours before too(found through Lauren's) and absolutely love it! I realized I hadn't added you to my blog roll yet (whoops), but am doing so now. I look forward to reading more.

AnalieseMarie said...

You're welcome. :-)

Naturally Jules said...

Absolutely love your finds! Sounds like you had a fab time!

Melita said...

thanks guys! i definitely had a wonderful time. and am so happy with my print & rescue girl goodies.

Emily said...

Fabulous finds! I love Kelly Rae!

Looks like fun. Have a great Wednesday!