Friday, May 8, 2009

bookstore browsing

i spent most of today in bed. you know how it goes sometimes. woke up with a headache, went back to sleep, woke up later with the same headache, went back to sleep, woke up later, yep, headache still there. it wasn't completely debilitating thankfully. after ryan got off of work he swung by the house and picked me up and we went to help an older lady around her house. i usually go to her house at least once a month, sometimes more.

after helping her out, ryan treated me to crab legs at our local seafood restaurant, back bay. we both ordered all you can eat crab legs. it was excellent! after dinner and stuffed with crab we decided to go bookstore browsing. one of my favorite past times. i didn't actually get anything this time (it's true!). although they did have a book that i've been eyeing for sometime now, baron baptiste's 40 days to a personal revolution. anyone have it? if so, what are your thoughts?

i did come across a magazine cover that i absolutely adored. sorry, the glossyness of the magazine really caused some glare in the pic. i love hitchcock's silhouette. i think on of my favorite hitchcock movies was the birds. i remember seeing this when i was younger and was fascinated. do you guys have a favorite hitchcock movie?

photo by moi


Ryan said...

First to comment (but I'm cheating as I'm right across the room). As a child(8-12), I remember staying up late just to watch AH Presents. It's impossible to pick a favorite but I've return to Vertigo frequently over the years.

Lauren said...

I have "40 Days". Overall, Baptiste is not really my cup of tea. That being said, it's a good book and pretty inspirational if you are looking to build strength and/or looking to use a regular power yoga practice to change your life. I like his "Journey into Power" too.

Eco Yogini said...

I am interested in reading more of the "big" yoga people so I can have more of an informed decision about my choices in yoga :)

That being said, I read a blogger's review of his "journey into power" here:

she's not really a fan... but then if you like Bikram yoga and you like his style then go for it :)

ps- the magazine cover is awesome!