Wednesday, May 27, 2009

yoga away from home

when i was in charleston, wv visiting my bff mandy, i (big shocker) went to yoga there too. for three days i went to the folded leaf.

the folded leaf has many styles of yoga to offer from basic hatha to ashtanga, to power vinyasa. the three classes i took were a vinyasa flow and i really enjoyed them.

the folded leaf is in an upper scale shopping area where mandy and i went back later and had a huge strawberry dipped in white chocolate and then dipped again in milk chocolate from holl's swiss choclatier (and man was it good!!). it is also in the same neighborhood where cornucopia is located just across the street. that is where i found my kelly rae roberts print and my cute rescue girl button and magnet.

if i lived in charleston, the folded leaf would definitely be my yoga studio.

on the topic of yoga away from home, i am planning on going to philadelphia june 12, 13, & 14th. so if anyone has any suggestions of good places to do yoga, please let me know. thanks!


Sarah said...

You have become a traveling yogini!

Philly! What will you be doing while in Philly? The yoga studio I go to is outside (in the 'burbs) of the city, about 35-45 min North on I-95 (of downtown center city). If you are interested here is the link: It is too bad you won't be there the following weekend. They are having an outdoor Summer Solstice event along the canal for free-vegan food and yoga. Mmm...I'll be there!

Melita said...

sarah - that sounds amazing. the weekend you are talking about i'll actually be in dc at kimberly's summer solstice staycation :)

we should meet up and go to terrain at styers though!!

Anonymous said...

i regularly go to Studio 34 in West Philadelphia.
the space itself is amazing with two beautiful studios and a community lounge. the atmosphere is relaxed and the teachers are great.
plus on June 12th there's going to be a dance party with midnight candlelit yoga.

Melita said...

thanks so much for the tip, i will surely check it out!!