Sunday, May 3, 2009

farmers market bounty & kitty tv

i wanted to share with you a dish i made from some local goods that i got at the farmers market on saturday. today i made fried potatoes and ramps. ramps are a local delicacy that have a very potent odor and taste. i think they are fantastic. having them with potatoes like this gives them a chance to mellow out in flavor instead of being so strong. this is what the dish looked like:

you have to admit, it got your mouth watering a little, didn't it?! check out my morgantown musings for additional pics on all of the farmers market findings. there are some really great pics there but i didn't want to duplicate by posting them here as well.

as i was doing some spring cleaning around the house my kitties were enjoying watching the outside world. it's kinda like their tv. sanjay (the striped one) is crazy about watching (and cackling) to the birds and dooty (the black & white one) just loves to take in all of the view. i snuck up behind them while they were interested in the nature program that they were tuned into and took a couple of pictures.

photos by moi


City Girl said...

Your email on Saturday totally inspired me to buy ramps on Sunday and have them for Sunday lunch - I steamed some potatoes and then tossed them in a pan with the ramps, some olive oil and salt - it was delicious. I realize not authentic, but delicious. I also did a version in another pan where I added some anchovies to the olive oil - so I had potatoes with ramps and potatoes with ramps and anchovies - for some reason it seemed like a good combination and it worked. I know, I'm weird. LOL. I promise to email soon :)

Ally -- Onyx and Alabaster said...

Those potatoes look heavenly!!

I love your kitties, too! I wish my landlord would let me have at least one, but alas, she's vehemently against any and all pets. I need to do some more spring cleaning. I cleaned my living room Saturday and now I feel like I'm in a completely different place when I'm in it... it was that bad!! ;o)

Katie said...

It is so nice to see ramps here!! The small town I grew up in often has ramp dinners where all gather and eat together. When you all smell like ramps, it's not as bad! lol They have been known to serve ramp salad as well as a variety of cooked ramp dishes.

Since I've moved away, most people just look at me like I'm nuts while asking "what's a ramp?"