Saturday, May 2, 2009

napping the day away

today was a pretty uneventful day. got up this morning and went to the farmers market. i HEART the farmers market! too bad the one here is only on saturdays from 8:30 until noon. you have to get there early if you want anything. no sleeping in on saturdays now. (pics of the farmers market to be posted later).

after returning home and putting away the goods i decided to take a nap. what is better than taking an afternoon nap?! so i crawled in bed with my kitty and pup and we napped the day away. i am a serious fan of siestas! after the nap-athon, i took cadyn (my pup) for a walk around the neighborhood. you see, i was starting to feel guilty for not really doing anything today. after the walk around the 'hood, i came back to the house and watched two lovers. it was ok, nothing phenomenal or anything, but pretty good.

so that is how i spent my saturday. how about you guys? get into anything cool/interesting today?


Emily said...

Sounds like a fabulous Saturday! ;) I went to a park, did some paddleboating, and then watched a happy-sad documentary: "My Flesh and Blood."

Serafina said...

Naps are the best! If you're looking for something fun to do today, check out he pottery sale at the CAC. We went yesterday afternoon, there are many pretty things.
Nice to internet-meet you too. :)