Tuesday, May 5, 2009

receiving gifts of green

in full earth day fashion, my sweet friend, city girl, wrote about cafepress and carbonfund on her blog here. carbon fund sent her an adorable carbon neutral recycled green t-shirt. yes, i said recycled.

when city girl received the shirt she thought of passing it along to me. (see, i told you she was sweet.) i am ever grateful. i thought i would show it off for you guys. it may be recycled but it is as comfy as a good t-shirt should be.

this photo was taken really late (note the crazy hair) but the shirt still looks fabulous!

photo by ryan


Kiki said...

Melita, you look fantastic! I don't know what you mean when you say 'crazy hair' because I think you look superb. Way to rock the eco-T!

City Girl said...

So glad you like the shirt. It fits you perfectly :)

Naturally Jules said...

Such a cute shirt, with a great message! And what are you talking about with your hair? It looks better than mine on a good day!