Friday, November 12, 2010

40 days of yoga - day 12

after a long day of teaching two yoga classes and giving 3 massages i'm pretty pooped today. it's been a long week and i still have to force my way through tomorrow before i can rest. looking forward to sunday when i don't plan on coming out of my pjs let alone coming out of my house. :)

today's yoga included 15 minutes of legs up the couch. yes, legs up the couch. :) that's leg's up the wall's sister... or distant cousin. i also played around with my crow/crane pose and malasana. saving all of the harder poses for when i have a bit more stamina.

hope you all are well. happy yoga-ing ;)

hugs & namaste

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TheAnalyst said...

I love the idea of the distant cousin, legs up the couch! I achieved crow once...for about 1-2 seconds. Malasana, that's tough too b/c my heels never go down. Ahh, it will happen one day.

Hollee Temple said...

I usually feel fine after hot yoga, but my hamstrings are SORE! But I'll (probably) still come tomorrow. Sorry your day was soooo long. I appreciate you and LOVE your classes!