Sunday, November 14, 2010

40 days of yoga - day 14

oh glorious day off!! i am so stoked to just be chilling in my house & staying in my pjs all day!! i haven't had a day off in a long while i'm afraid, so i'm not taking this one for granted.

i had a leisurely breakfast and have been snuggling on the couch with my pets and reading 168 hours. it's really amazing to see where all of our precious time goes. before reading this book, i've stopped using the excuse of "i don't have the time for (insert activity of choice here)" now i just say "i haven't made time for (insert whatever here)."

my yoga practice today included the 3 poses that i've been working very hard at recently - headstand, crow, and wheel. all of which i am slow achieving. i'm such a pitta when it comes to um, lots of things and i'll challenge myself to achieve certain postures. for example, 2009 was the year of chaturanga dandasana and i was hell bent on accomplishing it. so i would practice it until my arms burned and were sore for days. yes, you could say i'm a pitta for sure. ;)

now it's time to make my self a little lunch and resume my chill time some more. i hope you are having a wonderful sunday loves!!

hugs & namaste

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