Monday, November 22, 2010

40 days of yoga - day 22

good morning lovies! i did something today that i haven't done in a while - do yoga first thing in the morning before i check my email. maybe it truly is a habit now. i sure hope so! i've enjoyed this journey immensely so far and look forward to the road ahead. i can see my own body getting stronger & more flexible so that my own practice is growing. and hopefully it will make me a better teacher as well.

my 25ish minutes of yoga this morning included the 6 movements of the spine (forward & back, side to side, and twists). it also included seated postures, forward bends, lateral bends, back bends, arm balances, twists and inversions. it was a condensed practice but i feel great afterword.

i'm off to work soon to give 5 massages before calling it a day. sure glad i got my yoga in first thing.

have a mindful monday everyone!

hugs & namaste

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Elisse said...

Thank you for letting us follow along in your yoga journey! It's obvious how you have been growing over the past 3 weeks and a bit! Congratulations on your progress thus far!

I'm a newbie to yoga and have finally found a yoga teacher/studio that I like!!