Sunday, November 28, 2010

40 days of yoga - days 26, 27 & 28

i'm falling behind as of recent, in blogging and my yoga practice. :(

friday the 26th i did a bit of yoga at home after attending one of my best friend's wedding.

saturday the 27th i got up at 6am to travel to charleston, wv to do some wedding dress shopping for my other best friend (HER wedding is next september just in case you were getting any ideas!!) after traveling 2.5 hrs there, dress shopping for some odd number of hours, visiting my parents for about an hour or hour & half and spending another 2.5 hours back home i was exhausted! i'm not gonna lie, so instead of doing my yoga practice, i laid in front of the fireplace and read for a while before i crawled in bed and passed out!!

today the 28th i had a cleaning mood hit me pretty hard today. so i organized some things that i haven't organized since we moved into this little house. in between cleaning spurts, i took a break and did some restorative yoga on the floor (didn't even roll out my mat). this evening ryan & i went over to the new blissblissbliss h(OM)e and helped put a few finishing touches on the place. it. is. amazing!!

i also got a sweet surprise in the mail this weekend too! i got a fabulous little package from the sweet elisse from fur elisse. (thank you SO much elisse!!) here is what my package included:

a sweet, hand made bag that is reversible. both sides are gorgeous!!

a cute hand made owl card & adorable hair pins!!

all photos by me


Wild Tree said...

Sounds like a busy and productive weekend! Good for you for taking it easy when your body was wiped out! -- oh, and I dig the bag.. :]

TheAnalyst said...

Love the bag!

Googlover/keishua said...

sweet. I love the bag and the owl.Is that your apartment?Cute!

Elisse said...

Melita, you are the best. Thanks for encouraging me to start an Etsy shop - I am seriously considering it for 2011!

Great photos of the bag - glad you like the card! I can't take credit for the hairpins though - that's all Jozen of !!