Tuesday, November 16, 2010

40 days of yoga - day 16

the cleanse is going well. as part of my cleanse i wanted to make sure to book an ayurvedic massage session at blissblissbliss. just like the one i had on day 10.

anytime you are doing a cleansing you should try to find a massage therapist who does ayurvedic treatments as they really help the body shed it's toxins. not to mention, being slathered in warm oil is divine!! i am also certified to do ayurvedic massage and i really love doing these treatments. in fact, i am giving one to a client later in the week.

as far as my yoga challenge, i was able to get in some yoga before i gave a massage this evening. i made sure that after being holed up all day catching up on weeds (love this show!!). i love mary louise-parker and saw her play the leading role of hedda in hedda gabler last year.

i taught shoulder and heart openers in my morning vinyasa class today so i made sure to do a few of the asanas that i taught before and after giving a massage so that my shoulders were ready to do the job.

if you are still doing the yoga challenge, how is it going for you?

hugs & namaste

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liz said...

lovely photo! my challenge is going well, i'm seriously considering committing to practice daily for the duration of my YTT (another 6 months) I think there would be great benefits from doing so!